How hard could it be?

Managing a house renovation project is hard work. We keep rushing from place to place, making phone calls to and meeting tradesmen for cost estimates, and pleading – if not begging – for our work to be started in priority. This back-and-forth has been our bane for the last three months. Yet, I am told that we have made good progress – relatively to others’ experiences.

Perhaps, having the masonry done, and doors and windows installed within a month give that impression. But out of fourteen big items in our project plan, we’ve marked only four as green. A couple of them – CWA water supply and CEB electricity supply – are marked amber, given the dependence on other tasks to be completed first. And, we have yet to choose light fixtures and sanitary ware to be able to advance work on electrics and plumbing – the reds.

My brother is convinced that we can complete the renovation within our three-week stay in Mauritius. I am not, given how much remains to be done and the slow pace at which things move.


Since “I am not working” on this trip, I thought I would spend my afternoons doing more photography. But the activities related to our renovation project are more tiring than I expected, especially combined with the heat, and my motivation remains low. With some encouragement from P, I looked for and found a picture without having to drive anywhere.

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