bookmark_borderChristmas Day photoblogging: Mauritius Bulk Sugar Terminal

Merry Christmas!

After a lunch with my mum and two of her sisters in Quatre-Bornes, P and I drove to Les Salines. P had submitted to my plea to go out and shoot the massive COSCO container ship holding position at sea outside Port-Louis. Her terms were that I should leave the aircon running in the car where she would wait for me. Eco be damned, I agreed.

Unfortunately, the ship was hidden behind the reclaimed land that extends out to sea at Les Salines, blocking the view to the west. Making the best out of a bad situation, I took pictures of the bulk sugar terminal instead. (Here are exact coordinates: -20.153906, 57.488283.)

After Les Salines, we went to Bain-des-Dames public beach, on the other side of the reclaimed land, hoping to spot the COSCO ship from there. But we had no such luck. As it was now getting dark, we headed back home, I reflecting that Pointe-aux-Sables and Albion would have been better viewpoints.

From home in Coromandel, the ship could no longer be seen. It had either left Port-Louis or had docked. In any case, I was not getting my photo.

Here are the views from where we’re staying, which explain why I’m getting obsessed with photographing ships. And mountains.

bookmark_borderA few memories of Tahiti

From November 2019 to January 2020, P and I holidayed in Tahiti. When COVID locked down England a couple of months later, the experience of our trip was quickly effaced and replaced by the anxieties of the day.

Since then, viewing the pictures that I had taken in Tahiti reminded me of COVID instead of the joy of visiting these beautiful places. But now we have reached the point of normalcy where I can appreciate them again.

I hope you like them too.